Online Banking

Phone scam

Please be aware that there is someone calling and pretending to be from the Bank of Kampsville.  The number comes up as a legitimate bank number on caller ID.  Do not give out any information unless you know for sure who you are talking to.  Please share with family and friends.

Debit Card Information


If you are going on vacation, please call Lynnette at 618-883-2141 with the dates and destination or use the new travel notification option under manage cards on your online account.   Debit cards are monitored for any unusual activity especially if the card is used outside your normal travel area. By letting us know, it may avoid any interruption of your debit card availability.

IF YOUR CARD IS LOST OR STOLEN AFTER BANK HOURS: Please call 844-202-5333. Remember this number is only for reporting lost or stolen cards and not for any other account information OR if you have online banking, there is a tab to manage cards.  You can toggle your card off and on, or mark as lost or stolen.

Please view our Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice is located under the ABOUT tab on our home page.  You can also click the link provided.   Please review and contact your branch if you have any questions.